History of Halloween and more.

History of Halloween and more.

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History of Halloween and more.

All Hallows’ Eve. Facts and stories in a pill.
I. Souling, guising - these words don’t really sound familiar. Do they? Perhaps there are more interesting facts you don’t know about Halloween.

Firstly, why do we call it Halloween? What is the etymology of the name?

Secondly, has it always been such a family friendly holiday? It used to be more about tricking than treating as it turns out.

What was souling and guising all about?

The following video shows you concisely the whole transformation of this unique, though quite commercial holiday.
II. The Ghosts of Yellowstone National Park.

Visit http://www.ghostsofamerica.com/8/Wyomin ... tings.html
Read the succinct but quite spooky accounts of real ghosts sightings in the area of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and discuss your impressions and opinions concerning such events.

Here is one of them: “While staying in the new worldmark hotel in West Yellowstone last weekend (october 17th, 2008) , my mother, who has never believed in ghosts, was alone in the room, around noon, when she was suddenly accompanied by an average sized man dressed in a black jacket, standing to her right, not threatening her. Believe me, she was scared by the time we all returned to the room minutes later. She has no doubt of what she witnessed!.”
III. Ghosts and demons.

If you wishto read some more on the topic The Telegraph has an interesting, also short article saying that the recent times have witnessed the highest rate of sightings in 25 years.

“There have been nearly 1,000 reports of demonic activity in the past quarter of a century, with Yorkshire the nation’s most ghostly county.

Encounters with devils, demons and evil spirits are as widespread today as they were in medieval times, researchers claim.”

See the videos at: http://www.vipenglish.pl/history-of-halloween-and-more/
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